Issue Management & Public Relations

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"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing." - John D. Rockefeller

Are issues and ineffective messaging  preventing your organization from reaching its full potential?  Starns Law can help.  

Business organizations constantly face issues stemming from a wide range of internal and external triggers that pose damaging consequences to productivity and their bottom line if not properly addressed. 

Having a catchy slogan or bold advertisement is no longer adequate to convey and maintain a positive image.  In the constantly evolving digital age of today, where news travels fast and people are bombarded with information, it is critical for organizations to anticipate, analyze and be prepared to quickly respond to emerging trends, public attitudes and a vast array of other issues that may positively or negatively impact their operations.  

Identifying, prioritizing, and resolving current and potential issues is time consuming and complicated, but critical to running a successful business operation.  At Starns Law, we handle this process for our clients so that they can dedicate their resources to other significant projects.  We help our clients increase their bottom lines and meet their organizational goals by utilizing our numerous years of management experience and diverse skills set to identify issues that hinder operations, generate creative solutions and establish innovative best practices that enable them to experience continued growth.  

We employ our unique outsider's perspective to resolve issues and add spice to our clients' recipes.  We provide results by thinking big and working hard to continuously research and evaluate developing courses of action and communication to achieve a well-informed public understanding that is vital to our clients' long-lasting success.  We also help our clients ensure that they are prepared to positively address any issues that may come their way by thoroughly reviewing their proposed policy and operational changes and advising them of potential public ramifications.  

Issue management.  Public relations.
Issue management. Public relations.